Saturday, June 20, 2009

Richard's latest photos

Earlier this week, our house doubled as a photo studio as Strobist Cayman members Richard, Will and Janet worked together on their "head shot" assignment. To that end, Janet brought along two friends from England, Suzy and Abby, who had come to the Cayman Islands for a short holiday and agreed to be models for the day.

The photo shoot was definitely not short - not being a photographer myself, I figured a couple of hours would do it, but EIGHT hours later, they were still shooting outside by the pool. And of course, as the creative juices were flowing, we started to see a lot more than mere head shots...

The first shot is of Abby, sitting in front of a plain wall with the fan blowing air from the side. Someone on Richard's Flickr site commented that she bears a resemblance to Renee Zellweger.

Abi 02

I really love this shot of Suzy in the pool, it looks so peaceful, wouldn't you agree?

Suzy 03

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