Sunday, June 14, 2009

Before and After

No matter how much I try, I am really bad at visualizing things. When I look at an empty room, well, that's exactly what I see. Where other people can imagine furniture, plants, accessories, upholstery, wall colours (like my friend Gigi), I struggle to imagine a plain beige Ikea sofa in one corner of the room.

I have always admired Gigi's ability to design in her head, so to speak, to the point where I once tried to give her the ultimate compliment by saying "you are really good at seeing things that are not there!" Hmm, seems I do not just have a problem imagining but also expressing myself, as she thought that I was trying to suggest that she suffered from hallucinations.

Luckily, for most of my home ownership period, current trends were in my favour, as they tended towards bright white walls over the entire house. There really was no way to go wrong with that, especially if you were utterly incapable of imagining any colour on your wall other than white.

But this is 2009, and according to Benjamin Moore, spicy colours and Indian themes are all the rage or have been for some time now. I must admit, I still like white bright walls but I also realise that some rooms really benefit from a splash of colour. Just don't ask me to pick the colour.

That's where Richard and Mimi came in, and a fantastic job they did. All I had to do was get used to the colours and admire them....

The first shot shows the family room in its original glory:


This is the same room after the paint job, shot from a different angle, but with the same furniture:


The kitchen went from blending into the background:


to standing out:


The living room was a bit of a challenge because this was the only room I chose the colour for, and I hated it even before the paint got a chance to dry. But while I will never quite warm up to my selection of "icy blue", I still prefer it over the previous yellow colour. Now about that 1980's furniture....



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