Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fish, mangos and coconuts

Fish and mangos - how did I ever come up with that? The name of my blog is actually based on my farm background, or at least I think it may explain my natural tendency to want to live where I could feed myself if all else failed. The Caymans does not quite seem to fit the bill on the surface, because most of what is consumed here is actually imported from the US, however, that is not to say that one could not live off the land....or rather the sea. And fruit grows here too, including the popular mango and various types of bananas and plums and apples (with the latter being an apple in name only as I found out ...).

And so I made the offhand remark one day, without really thinking about it, that if all else failed, we could always live off 'fish and mango(e)s'.

When we arrived on this island and got off the plane, I was breathless, quite literally. It was so hot and humid that my nostrils immediately closed up as an emergency measure and my whole body was covered in a sweat barely a few minutes after leaving the plane. I think my exact thoughts at the time were something along the lines of "No one can possibly live here!". Of course, two months later I am walking the dog at night and feeling rather chilly at 24 degrees Celsius, which goes to show what an amazing thing the human body is in its ability to adapt to virtually any environment.

As it was, we ran the A/C non-stop for the entire month. The next hydro bill brought us to our senses almost as quickly as our body's own temperature adjuster and we now find that we are quite comfortable at temperatures much warmer than we would have ever imagined!

But I am getting ahead of myself. This was just my first blog and when I started, I did not even know what to write.....and all of a sudden 1,000 words or so appear out of thin air, as it were.

As for the structure of this blog, I am hoping to have a topic of some sort for each blog, such as people, the climate, food, traffic etc. I often think of things to write as I drive around the island, so there should not be any shortage of topics in the next little while. But before I go, here is a picture of another island 'fruit' with our yard as a backdrop.

Cardboard Boat Race

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